Our Partners

Our #TackleCovid19 campaign partners are supporting this cause in various different ways.

Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council has a 2030 vision to help Surrey be a uniquely special place where everyone has a great start to life, people live healthy and fulfilling lives, are enabled to achieve their full potential and contribute to their community, and no one is left behind. In response to the Covid-19 crisis they are leading various initiatives, and bringing together charities and community groups, enabling them to self-organise through the platform.

Grovewood Consultants

Grovewood Consultants specialises in unlocking the power of people and products in the food-to-go, retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. They are offering skills and expertise in Operations, Customer Service, People Management, Strategy, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Real Estate and Management Information Systems to support initiatives struggling during the crisis.


SeedTribe is a community that connects the most exciting impactful startups with people who want to invest their time, energy or money. They are inviting their network of startups to receive support from volunteers in the community, as well as inviting their network of investors and mentors to offer volunteer support to startups and initiatives.

Fast Forward 2030

Fast Forward 2030 is a progressive network of entrepreneurs hosted by the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL. They foster the development of innovations that address the causes and consequences of environmental degradation, economic inequality and social injustice. They’re bringing together their network of individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to support one another as well as others in their communities.

Impact Founders

The Impact Founders, an initiative of Fast Forward 2030, supports impact-driven entrepreneurs in building the Sustainable Development Goals into their business models. They are inviting their community of impactful founders to receive support from the Fast Forward 2030 community as well as the wider Goodsted community to foster collaboration and impact at scale.

Given London

Given London is a brand purpose agency which exists to change the way successful brands are built - making them a force for good. Their work helps brands grow by creating positive change for people, communities and the world at large. They are providing support with the campaign to reach the creative sector as well as helping to bring more initiatives the needed skills and expertise support.

We Are Full Fat

We Are Full Fat is a creative communications agency helping to define, realise and amplify purpose for brands in the culture sector. They are providing PR support, helping to communicate our message and increase our reach. They are also offering their PR & marketing skills to support other startups and initiatives in the community.


Elumni is the University of Exeter's entrepreneur alumni network. The community's focus is on creating incredible networking opportunities and creating an online space to find and take advantage of everything the University of Exeter business network has to offer. They are inviting their network of businesses, investors and mentors to offer volunteer support to the community and support one another.

The Do-Gooders

The Do-Gooders are a kind-hearted search engine helping consumers find ethical alternatives to everyday needs including fashion, food and drink, energy, beauty, banking, and many others - making it easy for people to use their purchasing power for good. They are inviting their community of social entrepreneurs and conscious consumers to support one another, and are offering PR support to the campaign.