Let's #TackleCovid19 Together

Join us in helping initiatives, startups, and businesses overcome the challenges they’re facing during the coronavirus crisis.



The COVID-19 crisis is much more than a health crisis.

Characterized by the UN and the WHO as attacking societies at their core, the coronavirus has sparked a human, economic and social crisis negatively

affecting the livelihood and well-being of individuals,

as well as that of existing initiatives and enterprises. To help our communities get through this,

we need to work together to collectively address these challenges.

So we’re partnering with amazing organisations and businesses who have the capacity to help #TackleCovid19! We are using Goodsted, a collaboration & impact platform, to organise requests and offers for support, and to easily report on our collective efforts & progress

We can work together to address challenges

New initiatives are being launched to

tackle the negative effects of COVID-19

and need volunteer support to run and help the vulnerable and elderly in isolation. But COVID-19 initiatives are not the only ones in need of support.

Charities, nonprofits and social enterprises

as well as

small businesses

are also facing a new set of challenges that

require skilled volunteer support

to make it through this difficult time.

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Do you need skilled volunteer support or other resources to help you cope with the COVID-19 crisis? Register your initiative or enterprise to find support. Share your mission and goals, and let us know what you need.

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Are you looking to share your skills & expertise during COVID-19 crisis to help your community? Sign up as a volunteer to offer your support, and help tackle challenges.

Our Partners

Our #TackleCovid19 campaign partners are supporting this cause in various different ways. Visit our partners page to learn more about their engagement, or get in touch with us to become one!

Outreach partners

Help connect with initiatives and companies who need support.

Support partners

Provide the needed skills and expertise support through volunteering / pro-bono service.

Media partners

Help communicate our message and increase our reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services?

This campaign was initiated by Goodsted, and joined by many partners which can be seen in 'Our Partners' section. Each partner is contributing to the campaign in their unique way. All interested parties are welcome to join us, to help #TackleCovid19 together. If you're interested in becoming a partner as well, you can get in touch through this form.
We hope to help address the challenges faced by startups, social enterprises, charities, community projects as well as SMEs as a result of the crisis caused by coronavirus, by providing an easy, accountable and measurable way for individuals and groups to share their time, skills and resources to help tackle these challenges.
Nope! Goodsted is offering its platform completely free to all initiatives and businesses until 3rd of July 2020, exclusively for this campaign. Goodsted is covering all costs associated with running and maintenance of the platform during this period. After which all members will be able to continue using the platform for another month at no cost! After this trial, those who are able to pay will be asked to contribute a membership fee to support the running of the platform. If anyone is unable to pay, however, they should contact us directly, as we run a completely inclusive platform and will be able to offer free memberships. The membership plans are detailed here.
Goodsted is a social enterprise aiming to increase action and collaboration for social and environmental progress, to create a better world for all. We do this through our digital platform by making it easy, accountable and measurable for individuals and groups to connect and share their skills & resources in order to progress socially and environmentally impactful initiatives. We aim to positively impact the lives of 10 million people by 2030.

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